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Preschool Franchise Business

Preschool Franchise Business Opens New Doors For Young Entrepreneurs.

The education sector has grown multiple folds over the past few years(especially the Preschool Franchise Business) with an increase in the awareness of the importance of quality education. An increasing number of parents are looking at education options that will challenge their children correctly while still making it fun, interesting and captivating. They look for facilities such as advanced technologies, new teaching methodologies, and upgraded techniques to give their children the best of everything.

There are a lot of conversations about great ideas and thoughts for a good quality education system, but implementation and a lack of backing is what is missing. By opting for a preschool franchise business, many of these issues are resolved while also providing multiple benefits. What are exactly the benefits of Preschool Franchise Business?? Let us walk through:


Alphakids has been operating for over 10 years now and has built a strong reputation and imagery for providing services that are class apart and people therefore trust this brand. Alphakids has been featured in the Forbes Great Indian Preschools (18-19) and has been ranked No.2 in Mumbai (Education World 18-19).


The curriculum offered by Alphakids is prepared on the basis of specialized International best practices ensuring your children get the best of the best. The curriculum nurtures the IQ, EQ and SQ and we constantly improvise all aspects to ensure a holistic growth of the child.


Alphakids believes in providing constant support to the franchisee to enable growth and success. We hold your hand through all the phases of development – From recruitment, in-depth training & auditing to the marketing and day to day operations, we guide you through it all.


Alphakids is one of the most renowned and reputed preschool chains in India. It has also been ranked amongst the top preschools by Education World. This attaches a great legacy to it and ensures that the quality of services.


The preschool model for Alphakids is proven with a good track record and thus no efforts need to be taken to build the same. A ready model ensures that all the planning and collating is already done by us. All that needs to be done is implementation of the model. The beauty of the model we build is that it is very easily deployable. There are no extra steps involved in it nor is the curriculum very difficult to crack and implement. Moreover, we provide support every step of the way and our head office moniters the implementation to ensure the entire process is smooth and hassle free.

As we can see, opening an Alphakids preschool franchise not only serves as a profitable business but also brings with it multiple other perks and benefits while still maintaining the ease of deploying and maintaining a successful business.

However, at Alphakids we pay extreme importance to maintaining the  quality of services and have some criteria that need to be met by franchisees-

  1. Must have a property that is an independent house
  2. Such property must be of a minimum 2200 sq. ft.
  3. Of the above-mentioned property, at least 500 sq. ft should be open and the remaining must be carpeted.
  4. The owner must be a graduate and passionate about children.


If you fulfil these criteria’s, Alphakids is the right place for you. For more in-depth details, you can browse through our website ( or call on +919158004464

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