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Why Preschool Franchising is Booming and Why You Should be a Part of It

Parents want the best for their kids – right from the day they are born. And when it comes to their education, there are no compromises. Gone are the days when parents would send their kids to school when they were old enough to join kindergarten. In the past few years, the preschool franchise business has been dominating the education sector. Why? Read on to find out.

Why are Preschools Flourishing?

India is a very young country and is home to one of the largest populations of children. There are almost 15 crore kids who fall in the age group of 0-6 years. There has been a rise in kids going to preschool in this age group.

3 reasons for a significant rise in the preschool chains in India include:

  1. Increase in Nuclear Families: There was a time when grandparents helped in taking care of kids. However, there is a rise in nuclear families and parents want to provide a nurturing environment to the kids outside their home. This is where preschool comes into play. Nuclear families are one of the reasons why the preschool segment has witnessed a great push.
  1. Double Income Households: There is a rise in the number of working mothers who aren’t quitting their jobs after having a baby. With both the parents working, they prefer to enrol their kid in preschool as it provides a secure environment when they are working.

Moreover, since they are double-income households, it becomes affordable for them to admit the kids to preschool. This has been supporting the preschool franchise business immensely.

  1. Emotional and Social Development of Kids: Parents are becoming more aware that their kids need to develop emotional and social skills at an early age. Since preschools are designed to provide a holistic development of the kids, parents prefer to send their kids to a preschool.

Grab the Preschool Franchising Opportunity with AlphaKids

The preschool industry in India is currently valued at more than 15,000 Crores. It is growing at a CAGR of over 20 %. As per the industry experts, the share of the unorganised market is more than 90 % while the organised segment accounts for around 10 %. The organised market, however, is growing at over 45 % annually. This makes it a lucrative opportunity to invest and franchise a preschool.


AlphaKids is a reputed preschool chain in India with franchises all over the country. Some cities where AlphaKids has made a significant presence in the preschool space include Mumbai, Kolhapur, Bangalore, Pondicherry, and Hyderabad.


The Indian preschool market hasn’t been penetrated to its potential as only 17% of children between the ages of 1.5 years and 4 years are attending preschool. This number is even lower in tier II and tier III cities where about 10% of children attend preschool.


If you want to be a part of the preschool franchise business and are looking to partner up with a reputed preschool, be a franchise partner with Alphakids. It has a presence in both metros and smaller cities.

No matter where you want to start the preschool, take advantage of this franchise opportunity. We provide all the necessary support for you to start and run it. Be a proud preschool franchise owner and grab the opportunity to impact a kid’s life.

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