Siddhant Gala’s mom

I am very happy with the preschool and its new ‘avatar’. Sid is growing up to be independent and confident. He is always waiting to go to playschool, He has shown a lot of leadership skills amongst his cousins and friends of his age. He is happy at school and so are we knowing that. THANK YOU ALPHAKIDS!

Riyansika Kumar’s mom

After a child grows out of the arms of his parents to face a new & bigger world, we as parents want them to feel as secured & cared as they were at home. A good preschool in the formative years of a child plays an integral part in his overall growth. I am happy that I choose 'Alphakids' for my daughters pre-school as in the last 3 yrs I have seen her develop into this energetic, friendly, positive & loving child. At Alphakids, every week there was some activity which motivated my daughter to attend her school daily. Right from dance, movie time, kid fit, a foreign language & phonics, everything made the pre schooling very interesting, full of fun & a great learning experience. I really admire the patience of every teacher & their passion to work with little children. As a parent I want to say a big 'Thank You' to the entire school management, as it’s their collective effort to provide the best school for any child.

Hiyaan Rushabh Dedhia’s mom

After the new management has come we are really happy with the way the school is conducting itself. Teachers, Centre Heads, and Didis are not only qualified but also very sensitive to every child's needs. They are giving love & affection along with great teaching, which is why my child goes to school happily. Indeed very happy with the Alphakids preschool.

Reyaan Tyagi’s mom

My son Reyaan was just 16 months when he joined Alphakids. I was so double minded at that time about whether it’s too early, if he will be comfortable and enjoy preschool, but within a few days itself I realized that it was the best decision I had ever made. He was enjoying and not just that, he had started speaking. He started interacting. He has also become more creative and innovative.

Alphakids has the best caring, patient and kind teachers. They are superb!! The wonderful thing about the school is the different fun activities and programs that they conduct. Their concepts and methodology help kids in building essential skills. My son Reyaan is always happy while going to playschool centre and has learnt a lot. A big thank-you to Alphakids!!

Shannon Zimik’s mom

First and foremost, I extend my heartfelt thanks to all the teachers of Alphakids International for their effort and selfless sacrifice extending towards the kids. They are indeed very talented and blessed human beings.

Secondly, I am happy and contended with the management of this institution. My daughter is truly enjoying and improving to a great extent and not to forget the extra-curricular activities. It is always a pleasure to attend the programs of the school. It is a treat to watch the kids perform in different activities. Really wonder how the teachers manage it so well. Hats off to them!!

The teacher child ratio of this school is one of the main reasons which draws me to this institution. Thank you Alphakids.

Wishing you all the very best in the future endeavors.

Josh Ariyama Duggal’s mom

Alphakids epitomizes preschool and KG concept to the hilt and enables children to develop their skills in various facets of life by going the extra yard of innovativeness.

Avantika Moitra’s mom

I am really very happy with the development of my 4 year old daughter who has been in Alphakids since she was 2.5 years old. The teachers take great pains to ensure every child gets full attention.

The security factor is very impressive in my opinion; the child is not handed over unless the person picking him/her is approved by the family and carries the ID card issued by the school.

Overall I have been with Alphakids for 3 years and I am very happy. It will be a little sad when the time comes for us to finally leave.