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Admissions Open 2020 – 21

Alphakids international preschool welcomes all learners who identify with the vision, mission and philosophy of the school as part of its family. Learners are eligible for admission to Alphakids international only if they satisfy the preschool’s age eligibility criteria. Admission into the educational programme at each grade level is therefore based on each learner’s age.

Benefits of enrolling your kids at Alphakids

Alphakids international preschool franchise is designed based on the fundamental understanding that, a child's brain undergoes extraordinary development in the first six years of life. Alphakids helps your child embark on the journey of lifelong learning and lays a solid foundation for academic and social development. The focus of the Alphakids Preschool program is to instil independent learning, creative thinking and excellent communication skills to arm your children to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

Crafted by experts in the field of early years education, the program draws from the Theory of Multiple Intelligences proposed by Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University. Trained educators create personalized learning experiences designed to encourage a positive self-image while celebrating each child's unique personality, intelligence and creativity. The Alphakids Preschool program in Mumbai has a unique mix of structured and spontaneous experiences in a safe, healthy and multi-sensory environment. Each Alphakids International centre as the preschool In Andheri Lokhandwala has purposefully designed Learning Centres to support fun and educational learning experiences.

Alphakids Advantage:

  • Fun, stimulating and safe environment
  • Personalized learning as per childs needs
  • Expert educators trained in child development
  • Creative classrooms for hands on experience
  • Child led enquiry based learning
  • Continuous, systematic formal and informal assessment of the child

Alpha Learning:

Our Pedagogy

Look up at the night sky. Look at the sequin- silver and molten gold twinkling and dazzling like a large hand has tossed diamond dust into the sky. Now look at your child - the one with that mischievous smile, eyes filled with curiosity and mind filled with wonder. Don’t you want your little star to shine as well?

Alphakids International Preschool Franchise has developed a pedagogy called “Asteria” and has patented its copyrights. “Asteria” kids preschool is a curiosity driven, integrated theme based pedagogy which delivers an international standard curriculum through various resources. “Asteria” helps realize the shining star in every child and gives them the chance to sparkle.

“Asteria” was developed by senior reputed educationists and based on intense research. Both Alphakids International and Bellwether International are driven by it. It is designed to help create successful and responsible global citizens that are able to adapt to a constantly changing world. “Asteria” imparts, nurtures and develops thinking skills engaging the Mind (IQ), Heart (EQ) and Soul (SQ).

Health & Nutrition

We believe in the saying ‘you are what you eat.’ Research shows that a healthy diet is an important part of being a good leader and developing these eating habits starts right from childhood.
Our Preschool Franchise have onboard nutritionists who prepare weekly menus that also consider all food allergies a child might have. These weekly/monthly menus are sent to parents in advance through the Alphakids parent app.
Our caregivers are trained to feed children and also teach them dining table etiquette along the way. This includes using cutlery, table mats etc.

Acceptance & Inclusion

We have an ‘all are welcome’ admission policy that ensures no differential treatment is given to children of different genders, races, castes or even intellectual competencies.
We truly believe that all differences among children add to a diverse learning environment and enrich the learning experience altogether.
Since we believe that a good quality education is the right of each and every child, admission forms are issued on a first come first serve basis.

Who We Are

Alphakids Learning Centres (ALC) Pvt Ltd is a pioneer in premium education in India, promoting preschools and daycare centres as well as K-12 education through its Alphakids International - Preschool & Daycare Centres and Bellwether International School brands. Guided by two reputed investors from well established corporate groups – with one of them being a co-founder of a premium international school in India – ALC is driven by a team of professionals with over 30 years of experience in the field of education in India as well as overseas.

ALC is an umbrella organisation that has two major divisions starting with Alphakids International – Kids Preschool & Daycare Centres that is one of the most renowned and reputed preschool chains in India and has been recently ranked among the top 4 by Education World in its latest survey. Alphakids International was also awarded as “Emerging play school of the year - 2017-18”. Alphakids International has its two existing centres in premium Mumbai locations - Lokhandwala ( Andheri ). ALC Pvt Ltd has recently started franchising the preschool brand and has already received a huge response.

ALC's second major division, Bellwether International, will be the first of its kind in the K-12 international schooling space focusing on building children's thinking skills while working with equal emphasis on their minds, hearts and souls enabling them to adapt to a futuristic environment. The first Bellwether school is now open in Tanuku, Andhra Pradesh and is accepting admissions till Grade 4.

Alphakids International - Preschool & Playschool Centres and Bellwether International are driven by ALC’s proprietary pedagogy

Both Alphakids International preschool and Bellwether International curriculums have been developed based on years of research done by an international team of educators and benchmarked with global standards and best practices. ALC, backed by two reputed families and well established brands and its own unique pedagogy, aims to create happy, responsible and successful global citizens.

Our Vision

  • To establish Alphakids Learning Centres (ALC) Pvt Ltd as a recognized thought leader by achieving a paradigm shift in educating children, teachers and parents.

Our Mission

  • To offer an educational experience driven by curiosity and inquiry so as to ensure a holistic development of a child.
  • To maintain consistency of excellent quality education, safety and hygiene standards across our learning centres.
  • To extend our reach and create a positive impact on society through teacher training and productive parent engagement.
  • To carry out all operations at Alphakids International Preschool Franchise with love, truth and kindness!

Our Core Values (ICARE)

  • Integrity: We promise to deliver!
  • Collaboration: We will have productive, supportive and healthy relationships with all our stakeholders
  • Accountability: Everyone within the system will be responsible for the positive development of the child.
  • Right for the child: All our actions revolve around what is right for the child.
  • Excellence: We ensure excellence in whatever we do.
  • Continuous, systematic formal and informal assessment of the child

Alphakids Learning Programs:

  • Preschool Near Me - Playschool Near Me
  • Best Playschool Learning Programme in India

A day at Alphakids

We have a range of “Alpha” Programmes that every “Alpha kid” gets to experience. These are structured approaches that help in ensuring children feel at home at Alphakids. Right from helping them settle in as smoothly as possible, to giving them time for assisted unstructured play so that they can explore and discover spaces, to inculcating healthy eating habits from such an early age – we aim to make every child’s experience meaningful as well as fun.

Alpha Greet: We start our daily morning routine by empowering our children with a greetings at the door. Invite the children to point at a visual greeting chart with morning greeting choices to receive a warm welcome from us (the teacher) or from a morning greeter (child).

Alpha explore: Our philosophy at Alpha Explorer is to provide a developmentally designed program with the intent of providing a explorative environment for both parents and children.

Alpha in a nutshell: The children's program is based on the growing knowledge of child development. Materials and methods are research-based and children are given a choice of activities, which are supervised by the teacher.

Alpha creative: Every child is born creative and imaginative, but this capacity can be restrained, if kids have no space to behave imaginatively and release their creative energy. They need opportunities and materials that give creative experiences. Creative activities for kids are endless..

For business or general admission inquiries, please contact us at +91 91580 04464